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V POLE DESIGN provides design and planning services in the next fields: landscape, green roof, green wall and interior greens. Founded in 2002, V POLE DESIGN has created amazing projects in different cities of Ukraine. Since 2010, company has started collaborating with ZinCo Ukraine in green roofs development.



of gardens, parks, patios, green roofs, terraces, green walls, creating of sketches, 3D visualizations, landscape blueprints


сontrolled estimates, business offers, working and investing schedules, logistics


of all types of greening for offices and other public places

Turnkey projects and plants delivery

integrated landscape building and greening projects, open ground plants delivery, plants for the green roofs, winter gardens and vertical gardens


of green roofs, terraces, winter gardens, patios, vertical gardens, green walls, interior greens


of all the plants types, regular seasonal sanitary gardens care and maintenance


  • green wall
  • landscape design
    Pluti, Kyiv region
  • green roof
    Kirovske, Dnipropetrovsk region
  • green roof

We propose

  • professional landscape architects’ team

  • possibility to check your future garden during all the design process

  • guarantee for all the working period

  • individual greening design to show your personality

  • clear budget estimates and precise blueprint documentation

  • investment control, monitoring of the terms and surjection of the final project value

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