Green roof

Types of green roofs

Extensive greening is an ecological alternative for the traditional protecting cover or ballast layer such as gravel and paving slab. This type of green roof uses different kinds of sedum plants and grasses that needs the service maintenance once or twice a year.

Intensive greening could be easily compared with the roof gardening. Usually these gardens are multifunctional and opened to the access. Using this type of greening and regular maintenance it is possible to implement any ideas of the rooftop garden - lawn, perennials, shrubs, trees, as well as other details of urban environment (ponds, pergolas, patios).

Zinco technology

The only systems we trust are the world market leaders of green roofs who has an impeccable reputation and experience of implementing projects all around the world for more than 50 years. ZinCo is the German company that owns the best landscaping technology and research centers. We are the official representatives and installers of ZinCo systems. Our staff was trained in Germany in ZinCo head office and we have created more than 10 green roofs in Ukraine using ZinCo technology for the last years.

Our company acts as a partner ZinCo Green Roofs and owns the technology for designing and planning of these systems.

ZinCo green roof systems:

Degrees of complexity

Green roof system type

I degree of complexity:

«Green+car parks»
«Walkways and Terraces»
«Landscape parking rooftop»
«Roof Garden»

II degree of complexity:

«Heather with Lavender»
«Pitched Green Roof, slope 35°»
«Pitched Green Roof, slope 25°»
«Thermally insulating green roof»
«Inverted green roof»

III degree of complexity:

«Extreme light weight»
«Industrial roof»
«No slope roof 0°»
«Rockery type plants»
«Sedum carpet»

Planning and designing

The initial data for the designing our customer provides a completed questionnaire list, as well as a plan of the roof or the terrace. The questionnaire is available on request. Afterwards the architects create the sketch, preliminary design and sketches, 3D visualizations, landscape blueprints and detailed design.

The detailed design includes the special section: roof covering design, which includes plans of the material system solutions and laying of the materials of the green roof construction, as well as architectural details and sections. An indicative list of working documents and quotations for the design are available upon request.

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Our architects have been studied in Germany in ZinCo GmbH head office and keep on increasing their qualification level. All the materials are laid according to the strict sequence, in predetermined directions, with some overlap.

The main working principle of ZinCo Greenroof Systems is the creation of the single drainage layer over the entire surface of the roof, that functions both for drainage and accumulation, and protection. All the other works (concrete, installation of the reinforced concrete and metal structures, crosswalks and roads etc.) are carried out strictly on the drainage and storage layer.