Interior green

  • winter garden
    The home winter gardens usually become the most favorite home space, even for those people, who seems to be indifferent to plants. Our company’s goal while designing is to create the eco-system that is perfectly imitates the natural environment for the plants, but, at the same time, is harmoniously integrated to the interior style. That is why our interior greens are free from the pile of the pots and usually look like the “green islands” around the relaxation and comfort zones.

  • green wall and vertical garden
    Green pictures and walls for the gardens are made of the live plants and never get overheat, so they are always decorative. This type of greening doesn’t need any maintenance or irrigation and shouldn’t be moved inside in winter. The pictures can be 1500х1500sq.m. maximum size. At the same time the interior vertical gardens are the module system that is made from the stainless steel, filled with the special substrate and equipped with the irrigation system, both mechanical and automated. Depending on the idea the special print that can be an imitation of the oil painting or texture of the material (stone, wood, water, leather) combined with the live plants is designed.

  • stabilized plants
    This natural plants are made as a result of special processing of the natural juice that was substituted with the solution based on glycerol. That makes the plants retain their natural beauty and freshness for many years, without special maintenance required. Stabilized plants are the unique version of phyto-design, because it does not require the planting into the soil, watering, does not get sick, affected by pests and does not need the high-light. The petals and heads of the flowers retain their freshness from 1 to 5 years, the trees and shrubs - from 10 to 15 years.

  • container gardening
    Do not underestimate the role of this type of interior greening. Choosing the right shape, texture, size of the pot in combination with the plants and interior styling ensures spectacular atmosphere for offices and other spaces.

  • maintenance
    The constant maintenance the green walls, vertical gardens, and any other types of interior greens by the professionals (irrigation, growth and condition control of the plants, fertilizing, pruning, baiting in dependence of the season).