Landscape design

  • planning
    Whatever we create, gardens, parks, patios, green roofs, terraces, green walls or other greening elements, there is special working order – we get the input for the planning, create the sketches, 3D visualizations and landscape blueprint. We also propose the creating of the related paragraphs for designers and architects.

  • self-watering systems
    The modern system is a clever helper that organize the regular watering according to the personal schedule. It creates and maintains the perfect conditions for the plants, save the water and your time. The special system sensors pay attention for the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and windy) and regulate the program according to the changes (for example, the watering stops when it rains).

  • GSM irrigation monitoring
    There is an innovational solution for the tasks control and irrigation monitoring for your garden and vertical green wall using SMS-commands. It is possible to receive the massages about your greening type’s environment.

  • turnkey projects
    The full services package for the landscape building and greening projects.

  • maintenance
    Our professional gardeners propose the services for all the plants types, regular seasonal sanitary gardens care and maintenance.

  • plants delivery
    We deliver any types of the plants directly from the best nursery-gardens of Ukraine and Europe, plants for the green roofs, plants for open grounds, winter gardens and vertical gardens.